Chief Executive Coach

Coaching for Chief Executives

The role of Chief Executive can be a lonely one. You are in a unique position surrounded by high expectations from everyone – the Board, shareholders, customers, staff, the city and the public.

As CEO you are relentlessly on stage and everything you say and do is magnified. You no longer have peers or others alongside you. You have a Board to manage, an executive team to lead and an organisation to direct. 

Everyone has a view about what you should be doing or focusing on. Yet these views can be mired by personal agendas, politics and turf wars, or worse still are the ‘yes men’ who say what they think you want to hear, not what you really need to know.

Trusted advisor for long-term success

Georgina works with CEO’s on a retained relationship basis, unlike traditional executive coaching, which is often structured around a pre-agreed number of sessions. This means that she is your coach for the whole time that you need her and “on call” should she be required. 

You work together as much or as little as needed, in person, by phone, email, Skype, Facetime or other virtual means. The measure of success is value added – in other words, what you are getting from Georgina’s coaching is greater than the cost.

The coaching focuses on resolution and resilience – making sense of the system you are in and developing the strength to face any challenge. Georgina’s relationship with you is founded on a deep sense of trust, developing and growing over time and she often works with CEOs for several years.

Georgina’s clients are very successful and self-reliant, so this is not about dependency. It is about having a trusted advisor who is not internal to the organisation and who has no agenda other than your success.

There’s not a single top athlete
who does not have a coach

Everyone can benefit from wise counsel

All Chief Executives benefit from a coaching relationship, providing a rare and safe place to think through the many paradoxical forces at play. Coaching enables CEOs to make sense of the patterns, politics and relationships that have the greatest impact on the success of the business.

As Harvard Business Review put it: “Two-thirds of CEO’s don’t receive any outside advice on their leadership and yet almost all would be receptive to suggestions from a coach.” (source)

Working with a coach who understands the CEO role and the challenges and opportunities you face develops maturity – the sweet spot where you balance the backbone clarity to achieve extraordinary results, with the leadership skills to take people with you.

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  • Understanding the chief executive – the qualities and behaviours required of the role
  • Assessing yourself to establish your suitability, strengths and areas for development
  • Gaining a CEO mindset, including the outsight and insight which are essential for success
  • Developing your unique leadership presence
  • Increasing your self-awareness and resilience
  • Building your CEO toolkit to maximise your potential

Stepping up to CEO? Georgina can help

Do you aspire to be a Chief Executive? You may be looking for CEO roles, or be a candidate for succession, or you may be just starting to think that the time is right. 

On the one hand you know you have plenty of experiences and skills to bring to the role, but is that enough?  Will what got you here, get you there?

Georgina’s Aspiring Chief Executive Development programme is designed to empower you to take that step up.  It will increase your confidence and ability to excel in your current leadership role, develop an understanding of the role of CEO and appraise this as a future career option.

Each coaching programme is uniquely tailored to your context and experience and may include CEO assessment and profiling, benchmarking attributes and abilities against other CEOs; one-to-one sessions and/or live action coaching, as well as multi-stakeholder interviews to gather perspectives on your presence and impact and more.

 To explore how Georgina can help you step up to a CEO role please make contact.